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today’s life is all about the latest news, why?

my name is Rashid zakeri and i’m aware about, how health is stronger than economy and politics. Today we are in a situation that we have to isolate our self’s in our own houses like bunkers to maintain the health and care of our family, the ones, we love, and us from the New CoVid-19  pandemic outbreak. As once said, let the seniors be proud, let them party loud, i think these words are for those who were seniors and those who will be in future but not me nor classmates, i study in MSKH (Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex) where we maintain safety and work from our houses with decent equipment over internet, our school is prideful with its students, because we are different from other schools. As a senior i love being in the house, cause now i have chance to know my family well and chat or debate over stuff, i love to game and study in the same time, or hear gamer’s talk while i study, for gamer’s its blessing to see everyone at home being safe and just have fun while others panic they toilet papers. so my small article was about how we stand for the outbreak, could you do the same?


Hayk and bel

On August 11, 2492 BC, on the eastern shore of Lake Van, Vayots dzor, the battle between Hayk and Bel took place. The tyrant of Mesopotamia and Elam Mesilim Bel demanded from the priests of the state of Armenia (Aratta) to accept his dominion. He received a refusal.

The combined army of Mesopotamia and Elam, which had an unprecedentedly powerful infantry at the time (about 60,000 soldiers), invaded Armenia. Self-confident Bel decided to enter the battle with one army, which he himself commanded.

The leader of the Armenian army, Hayk, received intelligence information from his grandson Kadmos that the enemy had invaded the country with two armies. The forefather decided to battle the main forces of the enemy so that they would not have time to unite.

In addition, he decided to direct the battle to a location that would provide Armenians with a positional advantage. For this reason, he deployed his 15,000 strong army on the plain located between two high mountains. Thus, the Armenian army occupied fortified positions, blocking the path of the approaching enemy.

On August 11, the enemy came near the Armenian positions. Relying on his numerical superiority, Bel decided to launch an attack without any special combat order. Hayk organized the battle structure of his army at an acute angle that was directed towards the center of the enemy forces. In addition, he strengthened the left wing of his army, sending select soldiers there.

Before the beginning of the battle, Hayk addressed the Armenians: “I pass on my country to you. You are the masters of this country, and let your calling be your only master.” (Ավանդում եմ երկիրս ձեզ, դուք եք տերը այս երկրի, և թող միակ կոչումը ձեր — տերը լինի:)


The battle chronology

1st stage of the battle. The enemy began to advance. The Armenian army attacked the center of the enemy’s battle formation. The stubborn and bloody battle was ignited.

2nd stage of the battle. Seeing the unpromising nature of the battle and the uncertainty of its outcome, Bel gave the command to retreat to the side of the hill in the rear to wait for the second army and then again attack.

3rd stage of the battle. Having noticed these maneuvers of the enemy and understood their meaning, Hayk took his guard and with a lightning strike split the battle formation of the enemy troops and approached Bel.

“He tightly tightens the wide-as-a-lake bow and launches a three-feather arrow into Bel’s chest plate. The arrow, piercing the chest, jabbed into the ground. The puffed-up Titanid, falling onto the ground, gives up the spirit.” Seeing such an incredible feat of courage, his hordes began to flee.

4th stage of the battle. The enemy began to flee in panic. Armenians pursued them until the very borders of Armenia.

Armenians had 5,000 casualties, while the enemy had 40,000.

It was the first battle on Earth for Freedom.

Armenia maintained its complete freedom and independence. Hayk was proclaimed a high priest and king, having 18 provinces of Armenia in his dominion. After this battle, for another 185 years, no one infringed on the freedom of the Armenians. We are the children of these freedom-loving people.


sot this is what i found in the web.

My opinion: 

I started to read this one as of its from the armenian culture and origin of its nation. Hayk was the hero of this story, And Bel was the villain, but one was duty and other  ambitious, both had plans to future.  both where leaders of their people and both tried so hard to gain bigger lands (my opinion), one sentence i liked the most is when it says: Hayk is the leader and its people are: Hayer (Armenians). My personal point of view is that people have plans, future, past, and their current status, i say that people have an iron tongue that keeps word and never lies but there is also a tongue which is just a basic tongue that can lie, swear, hate speech, and hurt, leaders should be prideful, never lie to a servant ” because if there is no servant there is no leader”


Smartphones are the miracle of this world, as it helps today’s generation in developing something that wasn’t figured of ages ago. Some myths say that cellphones are like birdcages, because it keeps human minds focusing on something not that important in life, like videos of other humans dancing, cooking, working, which makes it interesting however cellphones provide “WWW” (World Wide Web), which helps human search for anything in the world that helps them understand and learn their needs.

The big question is: Can students use their cellphones in the school?

Yes And No, its about attitudes of using them in the right place and in the right moment, lets say my teacher gave me a work to do and I don’t know how does it work, I can google it and learn it. However some students are not same, lets say that I used my phone to google for my homework but my friend used google to open videos and watch his favorite series while we both doing Home works.

Ages ago my parents and grandparents used books to study, as of their stories it was hard to learn. Today’s students have the ability to use something their parents and grandparents didn’t think of, we can download the book we need, and delete them whenever we finish reading them. In my school some students are using their potential to learn within the school area and use their knowledge to advance study, while others cant study and love to bother other students not too.

So the big question is: can students use cellphones in school?

the book

my story is about how i dreamed about being in a mysterious world under our noses, there were humans under control but acted as if they were dead, so if you are interested in reading this story, so do I love to share it with you.

“shhh… he hears us”, “who? who is that?!  You are chosen, Rashid ” it was 4:44 am early morning when I received a call, the caller was unknown, but the voice was really familiar to me, i cannot explain that voice i heard, but it was like a baby girl scared and speaking in low tone. that night was the last night I normally slept  with no fear or worries.                                                *morning 11:30 AM                                                                   I had my morning coffee before going for a walk, it was that moment when I constantly heard noises in my head, it was Laughs, Screams, Baby Cries, and a feeling of someone’s presence in the room. For some reason I started to fear a bit that something is going on, I started to sweat, my hands started to shake and i felt nervous, that feeling was terrifying. I felt a huge relief  when my brother came to kitchen, but that was just the beginning of whats going on.                                                                                                              “Good morning Ali”  was my first words but he didn’t reply to me as if I wasn’t there. Ali was also making himself a cup of tea, I asked him: “yo, are you in a bad mood?” *ignores me again, I tried to grab his hand, he was so cold, he had a wide smile and uncontrollable tears, Ali replied: “You are the chosen, please save me”, he wasn’t even looking at me – as if I wasn’t there. The sounds came back;” Hello, you might be wondering why are you experiencing the impossible?” who is this?!, show up!,,                           Replied: i’m in your head, My name is John Walker. What is going on?! why is Ali strange?!  “you are the chosen” with different tones*, and now you have to win my game to stop this. As of today: no one will reply to you, and i have a gift, Your precious Friends are also Chosen and the majority of people are gonna try to kill you and your friend if you don’t kill them.  How do I End your game?, he replies: my book is your answer, *Ali started to point at the halls table* – there was an old book covered with red leather,  the book had a name written with blood:  Part One.   John walker said: if you touch that book, the game will start, before you start i have something to make your game a bit easier, 2 wishes to be granted written with blood on the book, “wait i have wishes?, then i wish i want to stop this game now’, nope; said Mr.Walker, “then what’s the rules?!” First rule: cannot grant a win, and the Second wish is that wish cannot make you invulnerable. At that time i diddnt think anything else just to use 1 wish to save my family, i asked: can i wish my brother back to normal? ” thats a wish i can grant” then answer this question:” name my friends that are chosen” Mr. Walker answered:  Grigor, Vahe, Anna, And Yevnike, there are other friends that potentially awake and immune to my control, *snaps fingers* and all of a sudden my friends are in the same kitchen; ”whoa” said Grigor, whats all of a sudden im doing here,



the book is still ongoing


statement homework,

this is my homework for mrs. Silva Harutyunyan and Mr

the Coronavirus,

2020 is the hardest year of my life as of its not least, the year have started with America killing one of the most important generals of Iran in Syria as a proposal to war, hard decisions were made to compensate the war into small conflicts, but the sides were chosen before the war starts. When January started Wuhan had a virus called CoronaVirus COVID-19, the city of Wuhan was struggling to contain the virus and eliminate it, but sadly wuhan started to share the virus with other cities like: Xiaogan and Huanggang, and it took its journey to the capital city ”Beijing” and afterward to the world itself as a pandemic epilepsy. China have stopped the spread of coronavirus in its region, but the the world is struggling to make people stay in houses in order to stop the spread the coronavirus, “WHO”  World Health Orgniser basicly does everything to stop spread of the new coronavirus. Currently there is no new cures to the virus but there is treatments with hope to stop the illness.

what would i have done, if there was no coronavirus?

my plans were not basic, im studying for war medic, and trauma assist, the Corona have ruined my whole plans for future as of my birthday on April 1, i wanted this year to be perfectly started not perfectly ruined. Im a senior in MSKH with hopes for a graduation party, of not corona nearby.

my solutions as a medic is that why not trying to use plasma from recovered people as a treatment to the virus, you might ask why plasma?: plasma contains antibodies from last body infection, if the human being gets any infection and recoveres from that same infection the body will never let the same infection ill the body again, then there will be an question: why would we not recover from flu forever? flu has a unique way to change its full mechanism that body doesn’t figure out about it, its not stable flu, Coronavirus is not like flu ” it doesn’t change” thats why i think the people who recovered from that virus can save plenty other lives by just donating their blood to the nearest trauma center .

if i were given three wishes from genie in the bottle what will i wish for?

1: smartest guy in the world                                                                                                                2: read minds                                                                                                                                          3:live forever and die when i wish too

if i were woke up in the morning and saw myself travelled back in time when the world was exploring i  i would be rather happy than sad because the people are so honest that time that they would speak up rather than shut their mouth,  i would happily be a Caribbean Pirate and say YARRR on my every end of sentence ‘Yarr’


thank you


Sleep walking

Walking, drinking cup of tea, even driving a car while sleeping! You might say its imposible but i can prove it is possible.

Well every human being has a mind in his head. Every mind has its own imaginary system  in that system there is always  agression, worries, happiness, depression, stress and other strong feelings that can bring to less sleep,not enough rest which causes sleep walk.  Because of sleep we fall into other dimension with a dream that causes that issue. You can hear but you cant talk because the mind is focused on two stuff.  Body and sleep thats why we cant think talk or even remember anything from our last sleep walk

Do we harm ourselves?  Nope. Its a fact that we cant harm ourselves selfs brcause our mind has an defend instinct that dont allow us to harm ourselfs.  In our days this isnt working because with think alot  but the defend instinct is the scare, if ur scared of something you will nevwe achieve 100% even if you want to, We only achieve that scare with others help .

Do we remember.   You cant say that you remeber everything, but you might remember a small percentage because it was in a dream position   each word pronounced near you affects your dream  even if ur eyes open

Sleep walking with eyes open.  Ya its open but its open in a passive way. They cant move their looking straight woth the neck position and their bloody red  cause the blood is constintly moving fast while asleep so typicaly you can see it.




Experience in working with kids

You might ask how, you might even Laugh at me! But i got a job in the school, how rare is that. Our school Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex give’s every student the knowledge they need for their dream job, “so you just thought i was about to say i wanted to become a teacher right?” Nope. I became i teacher because I knew ICT when I was younger. I did many things like build a computer at the age of 10, program multifunctional machine at 13, and have a 2nd place technology science fair certificate. Ussualy kids are more loud and trouble makers because they are in the state of growing and knowing their possibilities. Kids are the ones who need to learn rules the most because its for their own good, kids who know their limits of doing bad stuff and understand the consequences of them. I started a job after my two friends left the job, because one of them had to travel America, and my other friend had no time for them. My first day was rather difficult, the kids wanted to be with their old teachers, and weren’t behaving obediently, the next day I tried something radical, i took their phones, so they didn’t have anything else to do but stay focused on class. Today many missions were accomplished, we built robots, detectors, programmed them to do many things, like stop, move, or even shoot balls. Thats my story What I learned is that when a teacher says stop doing it, I really need to stop.

Video games: how have they changed today’s youth?

One of the most common thing’s to see in today’s social life is video games, people with different genres love to play different game’s mystery, shooter, sports, and adventure’s      And today’s championships are all about competitive games  and usually there are a big prizes for winners   Like game called League Of Legends.     And win pool is $4 millions.

The first video game was invented in 1958 by a doctor physicist William Higinbotham,     a therapy game that was invened to help kids start reacting to things faster. The main thing about video games is that it was used in wars to help soldiers react to battle faster. Bieng fast is the key to games, what I mean is that when you are fast enough to react there is certain mental speed that helps you realise how you can arrange stuff.   Lets say mathmatics helps calculate fast, while strategy comes from situations which games can help out.  what I love the most in the games is that today the internet helps us connect world with social apps, calls,  video chats  and games, why games you may ask?  cause competitive games have a unique method to connect all the players together via internet.  All competitive games have their own competitive gamers each one has his own rank in different games. Most of the games show ranks in rare materials     like bronze, silver, gold, platinium, and diamond.   Those materials shows our rareness and uniqueness between players, each player plays with his own rank,  golds with golds,   plats with plats,   and if there was a small chance that some high ranked players played with low ranks  immediately stats show up early because the high ranked player has more mechanics more strategy and reacts to situations faster than low ranked players    games form a community to share the same intrests and learn something new.  For solo games story mode, or adventures  there is always mood when you feel that you need to rest a bit from competitive games.      This article is about how players live,    why do they live, and really do they have to do that or not. Its up to you .

our visit to Artsakh

hello everyone,   as i said we visited Artsakh, you may call it a city  but its heaven on earth. Artsakh is one of the most old places that people lived on, and it has many  different and unique places that made two countries fight for.  when they see artsakh from up their gonna see only tree’s and mountains, cause the place has alot care and alot love people gave to this place.     people dont cut tree’s to warm up   they take the old trunks and bushes   to keep them self warm and satisfied from cold outside       the weather aint that hot but sometimes its very cold, you dont feel that cold but it might get you a flue  because the weather changes, which makes human get cold .

we visited many churches, we saw Tigranakert’s  fortress which had a story from ninth to twelve century   we lived in Stepanakert, their main city, we saw Hadrut, and we saw Tigranakert, we ate their main food  (jengyalov hats)   bread with differents greens that cow dont eat,  they used this method in easter  so they dont eat meat and gain strength

the bred contains 20 different greens to taste   these greens have unique taste in artsakh   people from different nations  come to just take a taste of that,   after that lets talk about their people,     some say that artsakh and armenia have alot mutual stuff  but honestly they hate each other   they hate the fact that they fight together for Artsakh to keep away from Azerbaijan   but anyways they are polite to others    yes its a village  and they have the same attitude as villagers thats why be aware when ur buying stuff from them.

now lets talk about their school that we visited.     the school was beautiful  from outside and inside    they even had handmade paintings   they showed us that they might be small but they have the quality that every one who owns school dreams of. they had about 500 students from all classes totally.

after that we visited another school in hadrut that we had one night there  the school was big  and learners were alot   and the school which we visited had art section that we had interests on they did different things that they call art.      They used wood, glue, and water paints to do a unique statue   by using glue they do models to cut wood with  after that they painted it with colors to make it beautiful    our school had the same art section but we used different methods to create art         they had unique people with unique looks   they had bright blue eyes    i think every one would want to have these types of eyes    and people aren’t that easy to talk with because this country had lived wars for 3 decades    we had stops every were that show’d us how much this place is different,     after that before we come back to yerevan we visited Goris,   the moving bridge that every one was scared of.  the bridge had length of 200 meters and height of 3 km   high

and it moves alot   thats why its one of the most known place that tourusts wanna try   that place has other stuff to know about     the place is also know as city of caves     in many centuries ago people lived there and had issues with food     the food wasnt enough   it cause hounger for years that people were forced to keep their children inside caves and lock for ever            so they die without having to live like that anymore

okay lets be away from these sad stories       lets talk about the roads,     its too long around 300 km just to get to artsakh province  soo thats why had stops,

thank you for reading it    and sorry for bieng to long.

Rashid Zakeri

No, you can’t have your ball back