today’s life

today’s life is all about the latest news, why?

my name is Rashid zakeri and i’m aware about, how health is stronger than economy and politics. Today we are in a situation that we have to isolate our self’s in our own houses like bunkers to maintain the health and care of our family, the ones, we love, and us from the New CoVid-19  pandemic outbreak. As once said, let the seniors be proud, let them party loud, i think these words are for those who were seniors and those who will be in future but not me nor classmates, i study in MSKH (Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex) where we maintain safety and work from our houses with decent equipment over internet, our school is prideful with its students, because we are different from other schools. As a senior i love being in the house, cause now i have chance to know my family well and chat or debate over stuff, i love to game and study in the same time, or hear gamer’s talk while i study, for gamer’s its blessing to see everyone at home being safe and just have fun while others panic they toilet papers. so my small article was about how we stand for the outbreak, could you do the same?


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