Smartphones are the miracle of this world, as it helps today’s generation in developing something that wasn’t figured of ages ago. Some myths say that cellphones are like birdcages, because it keeps human minds focusing on something not that important in life, like videos of other humans dancing, cooking, working, which makes it interesting however cellphones provide “WWW” (World Wide Web), which helps human search for anything in the world that helps them understand and learn their needs.

The big question is: Can students use their cellphones in the school?

Yes And No, its about attitudes of using them in the right place and in the right moment, lets say my teacher gave me a work to do and I don’t know how does it work, I can google it and learn it. However some students are not same, lets say that I used my phone to google for my homework but my friend used google to open videos and watch his favorite series while we both doing Home works.

Ages ago my parents and grandparents used books to study, as of their stories it was hard to learn. Today’s students have the ability to use something their parents and grandparents didn’t think of, we can download the book we need, and delete them whenever we finish reading them. In my school some students are using their potential to learn within the school area and use their knowledge to advance study, while others cant study and love to bother other students not too.

So the big question is: can students use cellphones in school?

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