statement homework,

this is my homework for mrs. Silva Harutyunyan and Mr

the Coronavirus,

2020 is the hardest year of my life as of its not least, the year have started with America killing one of the most important generals of Iran in Syria as a proposal to war, hard decisions were made to compensate the war into small conflicts, but the sides were chosen before the war starts. When January started Wuhan had a virus called CoronaVirus COVID-19, the city of Wuhan was struggling to contain the virus and eliminate it, but sadly wuhan started to share the virus with other cities like: Xiaogan and Huanggang, and it took its journey to the capital city ”Beijing” and afterward to the world itself as a pandemic epilepsy. China have stopped the spread of coronavirus in its region, but the the world is struggling to make people stay in houses in order to stop the spread the coronavirus, “WHO”  World Health Orgniser basicly does everything to stop spread of the new coronavirus. Currently there is no new cures to the virus but there is treatments with hope to stop the illness.

what would i have done, if there was no coronavirus?

my plans were not basic, im studying for war medic, and trauma assist, the Corona have ruined my whole plans for future as of my birthday on April 1, i wanted this year to be perfectly started not perfectly ruined. Im a senior in MSKH with hopes for a graduation party, of not corona nearby.

my solutions as a medic is that why not trying to use plasma from recovered people as a treatment to the virus, you might ask why plasma?: plasma contains antibodies from last body infection, if the human being gets any infection and recoveres from that same infection the body will never let the same infection ill the body again, then there will be an question: why would we not recover from flu forever? flu has a unique way to change its full mechanism that body doesn’t figure out about it, its not stable flu, Coronavirus is not like flu ” it doesn’t change” thats why i think the people who recovered from that virus can save plenty other lives by just donating their blood to the nearest trauma center .

if i were given three wishes from genie in the bottle what will i wish for?

1: smartest guy in the world                                                                                                                2: read minds                                                                                                                                          3:live forever and die when i wish too

if i were woke up in the morning and saw myself travelled back in time when the world was exploring i  i would be rather happy than sad because the people are so honest that time that they would speak up rather than shut their mouth,  i would happily be a Caribbean Pirate and say YARRR on my every end of sentence ‘Yarr’


thank you


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